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Possible Serial Killer Watching us at night

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Hey Guys,
Dcat here bringing you five more horrifying true stories. Today these stories all include complete strangers encroaching on the lives of others for their own nefarious needs. These are rather creepy and will take some time so pop some corn and grab your snacks, cause the Black Cat Story Box Podcast… Starts Now!

How I received and rejected my first marriage proposal
By /u/iamhamming

Let me start this off by apologizing for any grammar mistakes, I don’t have a good excuse, I just suck at my own freaking language sometimes.
So, I turned 16 exactly three weeks ago, but I have this weird habit of rounding up my age months before my birthday, meaning I’ve been saying I’m 16 for a few months now.
I like to spend a lot of my time at the local library. I’m homeschooled with three siblings, so it’s pretty much the only chance i have to do my work in a quiet, neat place.
About the beginning of this last summer, I noticed some guy was at the library every single time I was. At first i thought nothing of it, as there’s plenty of people I’ve noticed coming to the library regularly. But one day, I noticed something WAY off.
I had finished all my school work for the year, and was just dicking around playing games on one of the library computers, when i noticed the same guy sitting two computers down from me. I smiled and nodded at him, then continued my game. The internet on my computer started going off, however, so i switched over to the other side of the computer desk and logged onto that one. Lo and behold, creepy guy (who I’ll refer to as CG from here on out), switched over to the other side as well, sitting right next to me and staring at my computer screen, as if i was blind and wouldn’t notice.
I immediately got a bad feel about this, scoob and texted my mom to tell her I’d be stopping by the pharmacy next door to pick up her prescriptions for her, just so I’d have an excuse to leave. Apparently, though, CG wasn’t done yet and followed me outside.
He stopped me right outside the library, and asked me for my name and how old I was. I told him I’m iamhamming, and 16 years old. He informs me that his name is Johnathan, and he’s 46. He then proceeds to tell me I’m “one good lookin’ 16 year old” and walk away. This dude looks about as stereotypical meth-user as you can get, scruffy beard, gel- spiked hair, dirty band t shirt and ripped up cargo shorts, so I just figured he was your run of the mill creep.
The next day, I had a writer’s group meeting at the very same library, so I left my house and started walking for it. I’ll spare you the tedious details, but around halfway through my walk I noticed CG following behind me on a bike. I was creeped out, but I didn’t want to seem crazy and i simply chalked it up to him walking the same way as me. To be sure, I ended up taking two right turns, both of which he followed. I was officially bugged out, so I turned onto our towns main road, which led straight to the library. He followed me the entire 3/4ths of a mile there. At some point i don’t remember, I pulled out my phone and texted my girlfriend what was going on, and then called her until I got to the meeting.
When I got to the meeting, I explained to the group leader what was going on, and she offered to drive me home afterwards. Two hours later, and we leave to see CG still waiting outside the library, glaring at us all the way to the car.
A few weeks went by without a CG encounter, so he was all but forgotten by me, until the day he proposed to me.
I was walking home from the grocery store with some snacks, when I noticed him sitting outside the laundromat i pass on my way home. I groaned internally and decided ignoring him was the best bet, until he ran after me. I can’t remember the word for word conversation, but it went something like:
“How old are you now?”
“Still 16”
“I don’t believe you”
Now, I have no idea why I didn’t just knock him out then and there, but I didn’t, and instead, I pulled out my student ID and showed it to him. What he said next, I’ll probably never forget.
“Oh shit. Well are you emancipated?”
“You should get emancipated.”
“Because then you can marry me. I promise I’ll take care of you and our kids would be sooo cute”
I booked it out of there, and after a couple more incidents of him following me around, he sort of dropped off the map, until back in august he cornered me in a gas station to demand to know “why I act so scared around him” and to “stop doing that”. I haven’t heard from or seen him since, but to this day the idea of him freaks me the fuck out.

The Motorcycle with the purple lights
By /u/PlatingEMinor
I have lurked on here for a while and I finally figured I would share my own creepy experience.
I go to school in the middle of nowhere. I am talking cornfields and cows and Amish driving their horse and buggies through campus. Hell, the town is so small that going to Walmart is considered a social outing. In a way it is kind of nice. Things are quiet and it is rather hard to get lost once you have lived here a few months.
It also helps that there is a rather large city within an hour’s drive. Just a straight shot down the country highway and you have malls and restaurants and pretty much anything you could need to entertain yourself when small town life got boring.
The independence to go whenever we wanted was intoxicating.
It was around Christmas of my freshmen year of college that it happened. My best friend, M, and I had decided to drive into the city to get Olive Garden and browse the nearby bookstore for gift ideas. The evening was fun and we were both pretty giddy by the end of it. M and I were joking around, bouncing to the music, as I drove to get back onto the highway that would take us home. Because of the time of year, it was dark and the roads were quiet. We didn’t have a care in the world.
When we came to the final stoplight before getting on the highway, I pulled up next to a man on a motorcycle. The rider was unremarkable to the point that all I remember was dark gear and a helmet. But, bike’s undercarriage was illuminated by an eye catching neon purple glow. We thought it was neat.
Maybe it was our pointing and grinning that caught his attention, I don’t know.
The light turned green and we sped off. Man and bike forgotten, we continued on with our conversation. That is, until about five minutes later I noticed the bike was behind me.
“We have a friend.” I told M jokingly. It wasn’t so alarming to see him there. After all, it was a well-traveled highway, a major one for the area. I pointed it out and we went back to whatever subject we were on.
I forgot to mention how dark this road is… no streetlights and few traffic signals. Just you and your headlights for miles…
I looked in my rear view mirror again a few minutes later. He was closer this time, much closer. So close in fact I could see his silhouette in my taillights. Because I was young and stupid I was pushing 90 mph and had been doing that for a while. In order for him to get that close that quickly he had to be going over 110, easy. His speed and proximity unnerved me, I said as much to M, but I figured he just wanted to pass.
Never mind the fact we were the only souls on that stretch of pavement.
I switched lanes and he did the same. While he did back off a bit, I was on high alert. I was beginning to think we were being followed. I switched lanes a few times. I sped up, slowed down… growing more panicked as I realized no matter what I did, he was still behind me in the same lane.
What was worse is that his driving had become erratic. Sometimes he was back in the glow of my taillights, and then next time I checked he was but a purple speck in the darkness. He drove of the road a few times. But he was almost religiously in the same lane as I was. We were terrified.
As we neared our exit, I called my dad. Why didn’t I call the police? I was 19, scared, and still trying to convince myself in vain hope that this wasn’t actually happening.
My dad told me to drive to the police station. I had no idea where that was despite living in the town for a few months at that point. We took our exit and lo and behold, the purple glow took it too. I was near a panic attack at this point. I didn’t want to drive back to the dorm. So I passed campus with the bike still on my tail.
In a split second decision I decided to turn into the parking lot of an open grocery store. The bike began to turn as well, but at the last moment his motor growled and he sped away.
I managed a glance at him speeding down the main road. He disappeared over a hill and we sat in that parking lot for ten minutes just trying to calm down.
I didn’t see him again that night and we went home. Maybe it was my imagination, but I heard the revving of a motorcycle a few times that night. It seemed to be circling the campus.
I’m a junior now. And I have driven that highway more times than I can count. I think I may have seen him near the city a few times, I am not sure.
But one thing is for certain, in the two years since the incident, I have never seen a bike like that in this tiny town. That man followed us 30 miles into a town he had no reason to be in…
I am afraid to know what he would have done if he actually caught us.

Possible abductor in Wal-Mart parking lot
By /u/theLastTriceratops
It was the summer of 2005 or 2006. I was around 18 years old. I had just walked out of a Wal-Mart and was heading toward my car in the parking lot.
Although it was only around 9:00 at night, the parking lot was pretty empty. I looked up to see a strange man approaching me. He was walking with a limp, and pushing what looked like an IV bag on a metal rolling tripod type thing. However, I could tell the tubing wasn’t really connected to anything in his arm. It was just taped on. It looked like he had just thrown together something at his house to make him look sick.
He started pleading with me to take him to a particular hospital about a 30 minutes’ drive away on the interstate. I can’t remember the exact reason he gave, but he said it was urgent. I told him there was a hospital about a half of a mile down the road, and that I could call someone for him. The man then got annoyed, and more aggressively began asking me to drive him to the hospital out of town.
I then noticed an ambulance just parked across the parking lot toward the back. I told him I could walk over there and let them know he needed help. He then immediately gave me an evil, angry look. He turned around, lost his limp, and power walked to his own nice looking four door truck. He opened up the back door, threw in his home made medical equipment, climbed up in the front seat, and sped away.
I’ve always wondered what would have happened if I had agreed to let him in my vehicle. I would certainly call the police if this were to happen now, but I was young at the time, and it just happened so fast that I just let it be and went on my way. I hope he never tried taking anyone else.

Scared at my place of work
By /u/Ladyiplier
You know how you read or listen to those creepy or stalker stories? Well I have one to share.
I’m a 4’10” 21-year-old girl, I work as a cashier at a one stop shopping sort of deal place, in the Northwest, it was earlier this year, I was on light duty due to a wrist injury I received, so I was far from my actual department and placed in Home. I remember this day.
I clocked on at 11AM and walked to where I was supposed to be and saw a tweaked out dude walk into the store, he was maybe 5’10” to 6ft with dirty clothes and dirty hair, his face was covered with picl marks of a typical drug addict. I saw people like that on a daily basis so I shrugged it off and went to the Garden gates. The other light duty person wanted to swap so I walked around the home department for the last hour or so of my shift to help customers.
I saw the dude again, he looked suspicious, so I walked up and asked in my cheerful voice “Hi, how are you?” No response for a good minute, I began walking away to greet a couple that was coming up when I heard “How rude of someone to ask how they are and just walk away” in such a mean tone, annoyed, I walked back, apologized and asked “Do you need help finding anything today? Looking for a specific seat cover?” Since he was in automotive looking through the seat covers, again no answer, so I was pissed, I just stepped away, and heard him mumble, I did not care at this point.
I called the home manager, he picked up his phone and said “Hello this is Andy, how can I help?”. ” Andy” I began saying “I get a weird vibe from the guy in automotive, I’m trying to keep my eye on him.” “I am too, they’ve been watching him grab stuff off the shelves and have no idea where it’s gone” so we hung up, thinking this was just another dude trying to steal.
I kept going, greeting and helping people as much as I could, when I saw someone set yogurt on the endcap. I decided to take it back since I had 10 ish minutes left of work. I headed to the dairy wall and nicely put it back for them and began walking back when I saw him, then I felt a weird chill on my back, I just kept walking till I was far enough to safely look back, and there he was when I passed him, staring at me, not moving an inch. I kinda ducked and dived out of the field of vision as much as I could, freaking out about it.
Finally, I clocked off, not seeing the dude again. We have a special door we have to exit that is in between two entrances. As I clicked my beeper to unlock our door, I always head towards the first exit to go shopping after work. Then I heard a voice “So, you like being followed?” I turn to see the man, come out of nowhere, holding just a gas canister.
I panicked and ran into the entrance, he had a smirk on his face, I grabbed the phone from the Customer service desk, immediately called the home manager “Andy, that dude we were suspicious of, he followed me when I walked out of the employee door, he asked if I liked being followed and now he is heading towards the first entrance” I had to choke back the fear in voice as I told him all that, he told me that Security was on their way to find him, and lost prevention.
What made it worse is I ride a bus home, and if he came out of nowhere like that, who knows when he’ll do it again. Since then I’ve carried a pocket knife in my apron at all times. I’ve become paranoid and terrified, I always look behind myself when I walk out the employee door and grip my pocket knife when I walk to the bus stop. As for the guy, never saw him again nor heard if they caught him, but creepy drug addict dude, I hope you are where you deserve to be.

Possible Serial Killer watching us at night
By /u/juliaakatrinaa4
So this story happened back when I was in 5th grade in 2005, When I lived in Western Montana. My bedroom was shared with my 2nd grade sister and we had a king size bed which we shared. To describe my house a little, our room was facing the backyard but was a basement room. Basically standing up looking out the window in my room, I was eye level with the ground outside. Up and To the left above my window, I could see onto our deck which looked into our upstairs kitchen. Kind of confusing, but bear with me.
Anyways this particular night my sister and I were having a sleepover and our friend was in the bed with us. When we were falling asleep around 1 am, our friend woke us up to show us that a deer was on our deck. We looked out and we all saw a “deer” on the deck. This was normal in Montana so we laid back down. I guess my friend stayed up staring at it, and she woke us up about 5 minutes later saying she thought it was actually a person. Right then, we looked and we saw the shadow move a little and it was CLEARLY a tall person’s silhouette.
We started freaking out, and then we saw two green laser lights. They were just two small pinpoint lights that were coming from the guy’s head area. We all thought it was binoculars. At this point we were on high alert. And our eyes had adjusted a little and we saw it was clearly a guy looking into our kitchen window.
I was too scared to go tell my parents all the way upstairs, and pass the view of the guy looking in the window, so we used my friend’s cellphone and called the home phone (none of us owned cells at the time). It rang loudly and we watched the guy run full speed off the deck. As soon as he ran away, the three of us ran screaming upstairs and told my dad. He called the cops and they searched the streets, but never found the guy.
Now here’s where things get weird. So just two weeks earlier, the town’s police station sent around notices in our neighborhood telling us that a “person of interest” and dangerous sexual predator who had a warrant for his arrest had been spotted in our area. (link to his Wikipedia in show notes) A tip had said he was staying with a family member three streets down from us. I remember this because I remember my mom (who is a bit paranoid) drove us by the address of the house on the notice one time and made us VERY aware that this was going on and would not let us ride our bikes outside during this time. I remember looking at the house every time we drove by.
Turns out, maybe two or three months later, this same man was apprehended for the kidnappings and abuse and murders of two children and killing their family in Couer d’ Alene, Idaho…. only two ish hours away from my house. In some of his interrogations he confessed to stalking the kids by watching their homes at night with what? Night vision goggles. The same green lights we saw that night. I also one time found some obscure website that had some of his writings where he discussed living in Montana at various times, and discussed that right before killing this family he was searching for children to kidnap. We were the same ages as the kids he kidnapped.
Disclaimer: I have no proof that he was the person looking in our window, but the evidence all adds up for me, down to the timeline and area I lived at the time. I won’t go into the whole detail of his crimes- they are all over the news and you can read all about them in the links down in the shownotes. I’ve researched this guy in depth and he was a sick m-fer. He has alleged encrypted diaries of his crimes and filmed the tortures he committed…. so I consider myself blessed. hopefully he stays locked up so I never have to meet him. I know this may also fit in the serial killer sub, but since this was partly my experience I thought I’d share it here as well.


Well guys,
I hope you enjoyed your stay, but before you go I do want to thank this week’s authors who bravely allowed me to share their experiences with you today. Their Reddit Profiles are all linked in the show notes so please let them know that without them, there’d really be no podcast at all.
Well that’s it for now guys. Until next time, stay creeped

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