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Black cat sitting next to log cabin

Black Cat Story Box

Welcome to the Black Cat Story Box.  Here you can listen to every Podcast episode released as well as submit your own stories to be read over the Podcast.  Black Cat Story Box accepts any story released and will be read on podcast to Dcat’s discretion.  All story types are acceptable and will be featured in a podcast along with other stories of the same type.  Here at Black Cat Story Box you can also discuss the latest episodes in the forums with other listeners.



Marching Band Junior Year

Dcat dabbing in the 2013 Marching Band Show “Legendary”


I am the creator of BlackCatStoryBox as well as the narrator.  I have my hands in every pot and in short try to run things.  I have been entertaining people since about 2008 or 2009 when I created my YouTube Channel.  On November, 28th 2012 I started live streaming on Twitch.  I’ve tried my hands at everything from composing music to creating digital art with a few notable mentions being work on a Pokemon ROM Hack as well as work on the Gravity Falls fan fiction and word creation for the Minecraft Role Play of “Escape To Gravity Falls”.  I am currently enrolled in a Video and Film editing program at my local community college and hope to work on a Television show in the future.  If you want to keep up to date with my daily ventures you can follow my Twitter.  I post there on a regular basis and reply to every comment I receive.  In High school I was a member of my local Boy Scout Troop as well as a member of my school’s Marching Band.  I was able to earn the rank of Eagle  as well as spend long hours everyday for four years as a Vibraphone player in the marching band.


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