Project Pokemon
Project Pokemon is a continuous creepy pasta written by Dcat as he plays through all mainstream Pokémon game starting from Red and ending at Black and White 2. Extend the series by donating at: so Dcat can afford a 3DS. Our first post will be within the next day […]

Project Pokémon

Show Notes Stories: How I received and rejected my first marriage proposal – /u/iamhamming The Motorcycle with the purple lights – /u/PlatingEMinor Possible abductor in Wal-Mart parking lot – /u/theLastTriceratops Scared at my place of work – /u/Ladyiplier Possible Serial Killer watching us at night – /u/juliaakatrinaa4 Articles Possible Serial […]

Black Cat Story Box Podcast Episode 002 – Five Strangers

Show Notes Stories: Why is the back gate open? – /u/deadlychili My cousin tried to kill us – Natalie He tried to kill me – /u/demurelwt The Old Woman – /u/NopeyMcNopeNope Contact Us: Twitter: @Dcat682 Email: TheRealDcat682 [at] gmail [dot] com iTunes: Google Play Music: Website: Final […]

Black Cat Story Box Podcast Episode 001 – Premier

Black cat sitting next to log cabin 1
Welcome to the home of the “Black Cat Story Box Podcast”.  Unfortunately you found your way here while I am still setting things up. Episode one will be online, hopefully, within the next few days. Until then feel free to explore the site and feel free to send me […]

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